Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Good Toys for Baby

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i) Wrist Rattle
High-contrast colors and patterns stimulate baby's vision
Encourages baby to reach and grab, awakening muscles
With every wiggle, listen to the soft rattle!
Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination

New stock arrived..
Price : 1 for RM10.00 or 2 for RM 15.00
Postage Fee Excluded
C.O.D within Area: Bangi and Kajang

ii) Musical Inchworm

The Lamaze Musical Inchworm is full of surprises for baby to discover. Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song. Textures and sounds encourage exploration, while bright colors promote visual stimulation. This little worm can help make tummy time fun! And, use the ruler on the Inchworm's tummy to track baby's growth.

Price: RM 20.00
Exclude Postage
C.O.D within Area: Bangi and Kajang

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Tel/SMS: 0196697735


Hani Syahani said...

nampaknye toys ni selamat je kan? cute2 semuanye!!


kalau dh de anak memg oder ni,hihihi

Izzati Asyraf said...

Hani: Memang selamat!
Feza: Order utk anak sedara pun boleh..hahaha..

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